About AC Global Business.

AC Global Business was funded in France in 2020. the head office is at 11 Rue Lourmel in Paris (Paris 15)


The company is a laboratory that allows to experiment several types of business, mainly online.

It operates in both the luxury market and the general public.


Our goal is to find a business idea and make it happen from A to Z.


We work in several stages. The first is to find a business idea and study its possible market and profitability.

When the idea is validated, we reflect on the implementation. Our global network guarantees us the best intermediaries to take in your real project. We calculate productivity shots, exports, taxes, etc.

We create the entire communication campaign. Logo, advertising and communication on the internet, the whole artistic process to communicate better around your idea. Finally, we launch your idea on the market, promoting the best working conditions for everyone. Creation of the workflow to maximize your work efficiency.


Our specialties :


  • Marketing and communication advice.
  • Technical advice.
  • Find business contacts all in the world.
  • Find factories to create your project.
  • Legal advice.
  • Patent filing.

Proudly from


Luxury expertise


Our presence in France makes us particularly successful in the field of luxury and technology.


Our proximity to artisans in the luxury industry and technology (aviation, space) guarantees us extensive expertise in the field.


Our collaborators are confirmed experts having worked for the biggest brands. Even if we can create products intended for the "general public", luxury and technology remain our core business.

You come with an idea, you leave with the profits.


To know our exact services, go to the page "our services"


After that, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email : contact@acglobalbusiness.com


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